What is Dabbing in marijuana culture ?

People may initially associate dabbing with the dance motion that is thought to have its roots in the Atlanta rap scene and was made popular by football player Cam Newton, who adopted “the dab” as his go-to touchdown celebration. However, dabbing rig is a slang phrase used in marijuana culture to describe the act of ingesting large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, the euphoric component of marijuana. Despite the risks involved, the practise is becoming more and more common, particularly among teenagers. Dabs are concentrated forms of butane hash oil, which includes extremely concentrated quantities of THC and is also known as wax, shatter, amber, honeycomb, or budder. Butane oil is used in a chemical process to separate the oils from the cannabis and create this concentrated product. In compared to conventional cannabis, which has a THC concentration of between 10% and 15%, research suggests that dabs or BHO can have a THC concentration of up to 80%. Dabs are actually at least four times more potent than a joint. Additionally, those who dab get a powerful high all at once as opposed to the high developing gradually over time. THC is extracted from the marijuana plant using this method, which then dissolves it in butane to produce a gummy, fairly solid product with THC content. You can know more about it at DopeBoo.

Dabbing in marijuana culture

Working process of a dabbing rig :

Although marijuana is frequently smoked in joints and occasionally vaporised using pens, dabs are heated to an incredibly high temperature before being ingested. Use is made of a specially made glass bong, often known as a “oil rig.” A blow torch is used to heat the dab of wax, which is then applied to an attached “nail,” creating an inhalable vapour. The benefits of dabbing are instantly felt with this method of consumption. By putting hash oil in vaping devices, people can dab as well. Since there is no smoke or noticeable odour, this approach is particularly popular among teenagers because it enables them to consume hash oil with very little risk of being caught. Although dabbing is not a new practise, it is becoming more and more common. The commercial cultivation of medical marijuana and its legalisation in several states are credited by researchers with this growth. These two elements have increased social media presence and the number of instructional films available online.