How do you choose the right hookah flavor?

Increasingly more flavors are being added to the hookah market as smoking hookah becomes more popular. Without reading page and page reviews, choosing the right hookah flavor and brand is virtually impossible without having to search through hundreds of different brand flavors. Fortunately, we’ve done it for you and summarized it in this article. If you’re curious about the best wholesale shisha flavors, keep reading.

Mint of Al Fakher

It was mint-flavored tobacco that dominated the market up to the time of shisha. Al Fakher is the only brand that offers authentic mint-flavored tobacco. This popular wholesale shisha is synonymous with mint flavor, and for a good reason. You can visualize the taste of this extremely popular product by imagining yourself lounging on a beach and blowing thick, milky clouds. Despite being the first on our list, it’s the most iconic shisha flavor.

Fumari Ambrosia

It is quite a unique hookah tobacco that can only be found in select stores and bars. The slogan Ambrosia from Fumari describes this tobacco as strikingly fresh. It is derived from the Ambrosia fruit salad and is inspired by its ingredients. With a mild melon and pineapple aroma, a citrusy aroma of orange and mandarin, and a sweet marshmallow-like finish, this aroma is reminiscent of a fruit salad.

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Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave

Is it possible to taste Mountain Dew shisha in a hookah? If so, Pirate’s Cave from Starbuzz may be as close as it gets to what you would taste in a citrus-flavored soda. It has a refreshing lime aroma and a candy-like taste that follows. It’s sweet and sour at its best.

Nakhla Double Apple

Well-known hookah tobacco by Nakhla Tobacco, the Double Apple (or Two Apple), is recommended for those who enjoy traditional hookah tobacco. Since its introduction, the Double Apple has kept its original recipe, making it a staple part of any shisha lover’s collection. It is important to note that this flavor contains higher levels of nicotine due to the unwashed dark-leaf tobacco used in its production. Therefore, you will feel a small buzz after a few whiffs.

Starbuzz Blue Mist

Last but not least is another Starbuzz product, the Starbuzz Blue Mist, likely the most popular product listed here. The Blue Mist has left a lasting impression on the shisha market, even though Starbuzz has been gracing it with flawless products for years. This is the perfect combination of sweet blueberry with a cool mint aftertaste. Blue Mist is made with washed blonde leaf tobacco, low in nicotine content.