A few tips that should be considered while purchasing an eyelash

Once you have decided to purchase the type of eyelash extension that you want from the eyelash extension wholesale distributor, you also have to consider some other factors like

  1. Thickness
  2. Length
  3. Curl type


The thickness of your lash extension can make you look awesome in a second. The more the lashes are thicker, the more they give a dramatic look. For example, the average thickness of the lash extension ranges from 0.05mm to 0.25mm. This depends on your natural lashes and your preference. This depends on the individual’s preference and the specialist’s recommendation.

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The classic methods of attaching a single lash to the natural eyelash of each individual to look it stronger, a group of lashes are combined for their eyelash.


Similar to the above method, length also varies according to your requirements. The professional advice is not to choose a lengthy lash. If you choose the lengthy lash, there is a chance of damaging your natural eyelash. As long as you choose the bolder look, you win. This also stops the growth of natural lashes and causes discomfort. The maximum length that professionals suggest is to be 3mm to 5mm longer than the natural lash in the case of requiring lengthy lashes.

Curl type

This has different types of curves, which you can choose according to the curve of your natural lash. The types are denoted by letters; they are J, B, C, D, and L.

  • J Type is a natural lash curl with slight curl.
  • B type is slightly more curved than J type.
  • C is the most popular that matches with any eye shape.
  • If you have naturally curved lashes, D type suitable for you.
  • L gives the boldest curl of all the above types.

All the types are available at the eyelash extension wholesale distributor.