Circular Saw Guide Rail: A Brief Review

In this article, we will briefly review the system of circular saw guide. The guide rail is nothing but an add on that has made the use of a circular saw easier. And of course, it has turned circular saw into a more usable tool. If you choose to use a circular saw in an effective way, you will definitely feel that installing a track (guide system) to it is always a better choice.

To better understand the circular saw guide system, you need to read this article thoroughly because it describes different types of guides that you can use in your workshop. If you know the types of guides, you will be able to opt for the best one to get the full benefit of a guide system.

circular saw guide rail system

  1. The Easiest Guide: Rip fence

It is the most common guide rail, which commonly comes with most of the circular saws. These are specially designed to make rip cuts and parallel cuts. Generally, it is clamped to the table of the saw and you can adjust it with the help of a screwdriver. It is generally made of metal sheets and is attached to the front side of the saw table.

  1. Simple Guide Rails

          These are made of aluminium or any other metal. These are extremely efficient. You can even make a good cabinet by using these guide bars with your circular saw.

While you go to buy a guide system for your circular saw, you should cross check some specifications.

Ø  They must contain a rubber slip that works as a non-slip object. It helps to hold the rail in the exact place.

Ø  They must be adjustable in a way that they can easily be fitted to the rail.

Ø  To prevent splinters, there must be an anti-splinter the cover on the edge.

Ø  The surface should contain glide strips. Remember because of these strips you can expect a smooth sliding from your saw.

Ø  These guide rails come in different lengths like 8 inches, 4 inches and more. Before buying, please be sure of the fact that exactly what size suits your work style.

Ø  Don’t forget to check the compatibility of the rail with your saw.

Hope this the article helps you to understand the main features of a guide rail before you go to purchase one. Check all the features and then get one to avail the proper benefit of this add on.