Todd Lubar Rises From Being Employed to Being An Employer in the Real Estate Industry

those that couldn’t access finaces for their startups. He understands the challenges that come with starting a new business. He hopes that with this company, he can make more people with brilliant ideas to be financially independent by helping them commercialize their ideas. Other than TDL, Lubar is also the founder of Legendary Corporation, LLC.


Legendary was also fruit of identifying a gap in the financial industry. This residential property development company came into being in the year 2002. The company aimed at helping people rehabilitate and sell their homes. Within a few year, Todd Lubar had helped over 200 people purchase, rehabilitate their homes. With the rapid growth that the company had achieved, added to the contacts that he had made during his time working for various mortgage companies, he was able to get financing of approximately $20 million. With this in hand, he decided to expand his business and accommodate a financial branch. In the year 2005, Legendary Financial was born. This branch would help people access financing to purchase or rehabilitate their home. Particularly, where banks and other financial companies wouldn’t come through.


His companies are known for excellent customer service. Under his leadership, customers claim that they get the best services ever. To run his companies and mold them into the successful ventures that they are, it takes skill and expertise. Lubar does not have a shortage of either. With over 12 years of leadership, his companies couldn’t have better leadership.


Todd Lubar continue to invest in the real estate industry, owning a number of residential properties. Other than that, he owns night clubs and a metal recycling plant.


When Todd Lubar is not working, he is spending time with his children in his Bethesda home. And if he is not home, he is travelling. Travelling is one of Todd Lubar’s many hobbies and whenever he can, he takes his children along with him.

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