Susan McGalla Has The Energy And The Positive Attitude For Success

Being a successful woman in the workforce would raise a lot of questions as to how it was done. Susan McGalla is one of those people who has been given those questions. She is also willing to provide answers to these questions. Susan has worked in higher positions in companies such as American Eagle Outfitters, Wet Seal, and owns a company called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is quite an achievement for a woman who has gotten involved in the workforce.


If one were to ask her how she has succeeded in the workforce like she did, she is not going to say that she complained and rallied about glass ceilings, she will instead say that she has worked hard and held jobs in companies that she was passionate about. When she was with American Eagle Outfitters, she has come up with ways to showcase the products that the company had in order to attract more customers into the store. The company has eventually opened up different lines of clothing in order to attract more customers. Susan McGalla has shown a lot of creativity when it comes to marketing and merchandising.


One thing that makes Susan McGalla stand out from other workers is that she has a lot of practical advice when it comes to success in the workforce. She states that a combination of confidence, passion, versatility and hard work are the necessary ingredients of success. She also doesn’t think in terms of men and women. When her father coached her with her brothers, he did not show any partiality to her according to her gender. He has taught her that she is a person first and foremost. This is a lesson that she has taken with her to adulthood and her career. She is also hoping to teach it to other women. As Susan gains a lot of experience and continues to be the shining example of successful and level-headed women in the workforce, she will have a lot to say to people in the workforce that are also looking to rise above their positions and build a good career for themselves.

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