How Do Bark Chips Work?

Bark chip is shredded or chipped tree bark used as mulch. It is also known as beauty bark, bark mulch, or bark dust. Bark chips may be used as mulch to improve the aesthetic of landscaping, control weed growth, and retain moisture in the soil, cutting watering requirements in half. A comparable product called wood chips, which are formed fromĀ bark bulk bag rather than bark, disintegrate into soil more quickly than bark chips, which help amend the soil but also need to be replaced more frequently.


In contrast to annual beds, when the soil is changed over and new plants are planted every year, bark chips are better suitable for shrub, tree, and perennial beds. Lay the bark chips 1 to 2 inches deep if they are smaller. Up to 4 inches deep, spread out bigger chunks. Add new bark chips every few years to replenish the depth as the mulch decomposes to the right level. Be mindful that bark chip mulch might exacerbate the issue in locations with excessive soil moisture by trapping more moisture.

Basics of Wood Chip Mulch

You’ll need to rent or buy a wood chipper/shredder in order to produce wood mulch. The smaller portable units typically grind branches with a diameter of 2″ to 3″. You’ll need to hire a larger one that is hauled by a trailer if the limbs are larger than 6″, and you’ll need a car with a trailer hitch to transport the chipper home. For larger projects, think about hiring a landscaping or tree trimming business because grinding up tree trunks takes a huge industrial chipper.

Bark and its Uses at Garden

What is the lifespan of bark mulch?

Bark mulch is biodegradable since it is formed of organic plant material. This mulch will eventually degrade, and you will need to add a new layer. After the previous layer of bark mulch has completely broken down and blended with the soil, you shouldn’t apply a fresh one. Before you put a fresh layer of mulch, you must remove any remaining portions of old mulch.

Bark mulch endures for a very long period, particularly if it is left untouched. If you take care of it correctly, you should get seven to 10 years out of it. The soil beneath the bark mulch should always be in touch with it, and it should be frequently watered.

By doing so, the degeneration will be slowed and the bark shredding will remain comparatively healthy.The majority don’t think twice to pay a little bit more up front for this mulch because of how durable it is, making it a great option for gardeners.