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Butterfly symbols have been used in Art, demarcations and jewellery making for a long time. Just like pearls are known to symbolise wisdom, butterflies are seen as a symbol of endurance, hardships and tolerance.

The symbolism is perceived differently based on the place or culture. For instance, in Asia, Butterflies represent ‘a long life.’ In Islam, it means ‘rebirth & reincarnation.’ Native Americans considered them to be a symbol of joy and change. The representation can change depending on the colour and number of the butterfly. E.g. Red butterflies or two butterflies symbolise love. Christian weddings practise the ritual of releasing butterflies at the end of the ceremony. Butterflies go through a metamorphosis which also suggests steady growth, transition and freedom. They hold a special place in the animal kingdom because of their beauty and grace. Each of them is born with unique patterns, which makes them more relatable to humans.

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The pure colour blue is rare to find of land animals but guess who has it? They can appear fragile to us humans, but they can be seen as the epitome of strength in the insect kingdom. If someone relates to these qualities, a Butterfly Necklace is guaranteed to be found in their jewellery box. It is a design that is relatable and never goes out of trend.

Inspiration for the most beautiful Butterfly Necklace:

  • The Green Dragontail- Belongs to the swallowtail species and looks stunning. It is primarily found in South-Asian countries like Indian, Pakistan, China and Thailand.
  • Ulysses Butterfly- The royal blue colour on the wings gives it a striking look. It can be spotted in countries like Australia and Papua New Guinea.
  • Birdwing Butterfly- These are some of the most giant existing butterflies. They have a birdlike way of flapping their wings and are alluring to look at. They belong to the largest species of butterfly in the world. Endemic to Pakistan, India and Australasia
  • Emerald Swallowtail – These are some of the most astonishing butterflies native to Asia. Their wings are a mix of black and rich metallic green.

A design that has been used both traditionally and contemporarily. Architects and engineers take inspiration from butterflies and use them in their designs which is why a V-shaped roof used to harvest rainwater is called a butterfly roof. Fashion designers have tried to mimic the colours and textures of a butterfly wing. Van Gogh, as a painter, took inspiration from butterflies to use them in his paintings as a symbol of hope.