Securus Technologies, Rick Smith’s Brainchild

Technology has always served our best interests. In as much as innovations are readily available to us, not many of us know how to use technology to our advantage. The reason behind the above is because people fail to embrace change, for fear of the unknown. Telephones have been in existence for close to a century, and have proven to be a vital aspect especially when it comes to communication. Since inmates also have the desire to communicate with people beyond their confines, Rick Smith has decided to take telephone services to prisons and penitentiaries located in places like Atlanta, Georgia, Texas, Carrollton, and Allen. Through his brand, Securus Technologies, Rick has been able to build a robust company that offers communication services as well as boosts national security. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Prisons are areas where a lot of illegal activities take place. Since inmates are in constant contact with outsiders including unruly correctional officers, their illegal activities get to penetrate to the outside world. As a result, crime rates increase. However, Securus Technologies under the leadership of Rick Smith has found a way of preventing the above scenarios from ever taking place. From time to time, Securus adjusts its systems so as to prevent hackers from tapping into the network. Securus systems have become so efficient to the extent that many arrests have taken place in the past year. To date, the brand has employed hundreds of workers to assist in the company’s operations.

A majority of the people that have worked for Rick Smith depict him as an industrious, collected, and understanding leader. Under his leadership, employees at Securus have been able to gain access to great pay and bonuses. Rick has also created the perfect working conditions for his employees thus boosting productivity. Above all, Mr. Rick Smith has offered equal opportunities to all his employees. Therefore, workers with an exceptional service record have the opportunity to rise through the ranks. With an excellent communication structure, Securus Technologies has been able to thrive.

Before Rick Smith became a corporate mastermind, he studied for a bachelor’s degree in Engineering at the University of Rochester. Among his other education accolades include an M.A. in Engineering from the State University of New York as well as an Associate’s Degree that Smith got from the Rochester Institute of Technology. With his kind of education, Rick had to find employment. Long before he formed Securus Technologies, Rick Smith worked for institutions like Global North America and Eschelon Telecom Inc. He has however retained close associations with Integra Telecom Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc. as a board member. Therefore, Rick Smith has proven to be an active leader who not only wants to meet the needs of his customers but also a man whose aim is to foster cohesion among his employees.

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