Release Your Inner Unicorn With Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye

Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere has been rocking bold, candy colored hair for years now. Finally, Lime Crime is releasing a line of hair dye that will allow fans of the quirky, fantastic cosmetic brand to follow suit.


The rainbow of thirteen shades is everything an aspiring unicorn might wish for. The colors are vivid and suprising, ranging from moody grey, to true unicorn purple, to intense, verdant green. If you’re feeling bold you can color your whole head, or if you’re not ready to commit, you can give yourself a few well placed rainbow highlights. At $16 a jar, the dye is affordable enough for you to be exactly as much of a unicorn as you want.


Unicorn hair dye comes in two strengths, both are semi permament but the results are very different. Full coverage is a more highly saturated dye. Your hair color will be bright and intense and it will last for 10-12 washes. Tints are less saturated dye that will deliver a more pastel effect on light blonde hair. Tints will last for 8-10 washes. Both dye types work best on lighter shades of hair, although there are a few shades that are color saturated enough to use on untreated, darker hair.


What sets Unicorn hair dye apart from earlier iterations of bright hair dyes that some of us might remember from the 1990’s, is Lime Crime’s commitment to using better ingredients. Unicorn hair dye is 100% vegan and cruelty free. The dye is free of ammonia, peroxide, and bleach. The conditioning formula is deposit only and it will not damage your hair. Unicorn hair dye is also designed to fade beautifully. For those of us who have experienced the awkward, ugly-fade of semi-permanent dye this is a very interesting feature.


Lime Crime’s line of hair dye has yet to be released, but the landing page is up and running. You can appease your inner unicorn until the release, by browsing Lime Crime’s landing page and choosing the perfect bright, bold color for your hair.

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