Receives Investment Grade Ratings

NexBank Capital, Inc. is one of the most prominent fully integrated companies dealing in finance. The company has worked to develop a working portfolio that has the inclusion of the short-term and long-term ratings in debt of K3, and the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas. The Better Business Bureau assigned Nexbank a score in a long-term manner. For the short-term method, NexBank Capital, Inc. was also rated by K2 for the number of deposits that were made. According to the company, this was an announcement which was made to reflect the capability of the company to develop its portfolio. For NexBank Capital, Inc., they consider the ratings applied by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency as sustainable and fulfilling.

The strong capital levels of NexBank Capital, Inc. are generated through the liquid profile and the metrics earnings that were supported by the ratings. According to the company, this announcement has a clear reflection on the increased growth of the company to match the renewed capability in the market. For this reason, the team of professionals working at the company has a strong focus on the professionals and management strength of the company in a manner which is unparalleled in the industry. NexBank Capital, Inc. also has a focus on the sound practices that achieve success in any bank through finance. John Holt is the chairman of the NexBank SSB Board and the President of NexBank Capital, Inc.

While the company works to maintain its working portfolio, it has developed a mechanism to sustain its growth in the region. For this reason, it has also worked to develop a well-capitalized status of stability and management through an unparalleled capability in the region. This is one of the areas which develop exceptional ratios of performance through ratings. NexBank Capital, Inc. has also reduced the amount of low-level non-performing assets.

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