Best Child Custody Lawyers in Houston, TX

Child custody is another legal yet personal issue that has a huge impact on your life and the days to come- especially on your children. Determining not only what’s best for you but your child becomes the most critical issue for any parent. And therefore you go looking for the best lawyer there is to take on your child custody case. If you are looking for the best child custody attorney Houston then you must have definitely considered Eaton Family Law Group.

If not, then you definitely should because they are – proactive, dynamic, experienced, and compassionate. They are a team of passionate lawyers with great credibility and together they make a team that’s hard to beat. They have a strong knowledge of Texas State Laws and Houston’s Local laws. According to Texas Law, the child’s well-being is of utmost priority and all the decisions made by the court revolve around this.

There are a lot of things that the court takes into consideration before coming to a conclusion. If both the partners are in agreement about the decision then it’s simpler to come up with a feasible custodial arrangement. But if the partners disagree the below are the few factors that may affect the court’s decision.

Child Custody Attorney Houston

Factors deciding Child Custody

  1. Gender of the child matters in some cases and placing a child with same-gender is preferred if the living situation isn’t spacious.
  2. Age of the child matters because a newborn child cannot be separated from the mother (if fit).
  3. The number of children you have matters to come up with an ideal situation where all of them are taken care of financially and accommodated well.
  4. The living conditions matter a lot because a child cannot be living in an unsafe neighborhood due to the parent’s helplessness.
  5. A child’s preferences (if any) can be the deciding factor if the child is old enough to decide.
  6. The ability to support yourself and the child becomes the most crucial one. If you are financially unstable or are unavailable due to your profession then your chances of getting child’s custody are slim.

If you have all of these things working out for you then it will be easier for you to get your desired custodial arrangement. But if there’s even a single case on this list that isn’t your strong suit then you need a lawyer to defend you in front of the law.

Eaton Family Law group understands the seriousness of this and they are ready to fight for you and your rights.