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Kabbalah Center International is a not for profit non-governmental educational and spiritual organization that aims to provide teaching that promotes wisdom, unity, and peace in the world. The instructions are based on spirituality, real thinking and good works as the key factors to peace. The teachings are not contrary to any faith like Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Click Here for Kabbalah News.

Kabbalah Center has existed for close to eighty years since it was first started in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Currently, the family members of Philip Berg are the directors and spiritual leaders of the Kabbalah Center International head headquartered in Los Angeles. Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube

During the ancient days, the Kabbalah teachings were considered suitable for people with a background in Jewish law. It was because most of its leaders and members were Jewish. However, in recent days members come from different ethnicities around the World.

To abolish the illusion that the teachings were ideal for members with a background in Jewish or Hebrew law, the recent teachings do not base their knowledge on Jewish texts. The instructions refer to some of the histories from the Bible. Besides, the teachings acknowledge the power of astrology in determining and controlling different situations in life.

Kabbalah teachings discourage male masturbations since it is the source of demons. Similarly, the instructions recommend that during sex, men should reach orgasm after their women. It is a selfish act for a man to make orgasm before a woman.

Kabbalah teachings use five main principals in their teachings. The principals include sharing as a source of fulfillment, Ego as a negative drive, the law of cause and effect, unity and helping others. The values explain the root of evil and how a man can leave positively.

Kabbalah Center is registered to operate in 50 regions which include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Panama, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Russia, United States Asia and Israel. It supports charity organization and volunteer organizations which work to raise the living standards of people.

The movement has attracted many followers who find the teachings worth.Amongst its members are a famous artist like Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, and Naomi Campbell. The actors wear a red band on their wrist symbolizing their affiliation with Kabbalah center Worldwide.

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