How to Get the Best Equity Loan

If you are in need of a loan for your business because you have a sudden need for capital, you have likely considered an equity loan. Equities are stocks that are owned by you or the business. The equities could be used as collateral for the loan and read full article.

Upon venturing to a bank or a conventional lender, however, you will find that they will not lend on a high loan to value ratio. Most of them will tell you that the tops would be fifty to sixty per cent, if even that high. They are regulated by the government in this matter, and there are other regulations that get in the way of the conventional lenders’ abilities to make an equity loan.

Then you discover that they want a business proposal, and they want a detailed description as to the purpose of funds. If it was an emergency situation, this process will take much longer than the emergency demands.

There is always Equities First US. As the name implies, they lend against equities. They are not a conventional lender, so they are not bound by the strictures and the rules of convention. They do not have he oversight of the government in their business, since they are a private lender.

They will lend up to eighty per cent of the value of the equities. Their interest rate will be far lower than a conventional lender as well and contact this company.

And the funding is right away. It will not be after a proposal is written and a statement of fund use is given. They do not ask what the purpose of the loan is. The equities stand as the collateral for the loan. The funding is quicker, and you do not have to tell them what the loan is for.

When it comes to funding for an emergency, see Equities First, first!

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