How ClassDojo is Creating a More Positive Learning Experience Through Digital Connections

There have been many innovations designed to help students increase their learning abilities. One of the most recent advances in education comes from a company called ClassDojo. A recent article in USA Today highlighted the partnership this company has created with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. The objective is to bring mindfulness to children residing not just in the United States, but in countries all over the world. The new curriculum is designed to increase the number of students capable of utilizing the programs ideas through the techniques of empathy and growth mindset.


ClassDojo is a digital application designed to increase the connection between teachers, students and parents. This increased connection allows for better communication between the different levels, which in turn creates a better learning environment for both teachers and students. The ClassDojo app allows teachers to interact in ways that promote a positive learning experience for students. Providing students with positive feedback in the form of digital reinforcement sets a precedence for today’s high-tech world.


The digital app from ClassDojo also allows students to share their personal accomplishments via digital portfolios. Not only can they access their portfolios at school, they can also access them at home to share with their family. The comprehensive digital system of the ClassDojo app is designed to bridge the gap between the school and home so everyone has the opportunity to benefit from what students are experiencing. The ClassDojo app provides parents with the ability of receiving instant updates of their child’s progress as well as the ability to provide instant feedback for teachers.


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