Renting has never been so easy and secure. Manage apartments as you expect.

Comprehensive service of rental of apartments and houses is a service addressed to owners of premises intended for rent. The PROTECT RENT offer exhausts the needs of both property owners for rent and people who want to invest in flats and houses. We carry out the entire process of buying an apartment for rent. We are looking for real estate that will bring investors the best possible rate of return on investment, and after acceptance, we are safely finalizing the purchase process and possible adaptation of the premises for rent. Then, we immediately go to the stage of renting the property. Your profit is most important to us So that property management for home owners cincinnati oh is used . Achieve more by working less.

What is a rental management service?

 Lease management is a comprehensive service provided consisting of preparing an apartment for rent, maintaining continuity of lease, signing contracts on behalf of the owner, settling the media and rent, as well as ongoing technical service and a number of additional activities. The property owner in the form of a civil law contract delegates all activities related to the management of the rented premises to our company, and his role changes from a participant in the process to an investor property management for home owners cincinnati oh  collecting profits from the premises in the form of the monthly rent.

The owner panel is what you expect.

 It is hard to imagine cooperation with the owner without an Internet service system, which is why we have written it so that it is tailored to your needs. From the application level, you can monitor the situation in your property on an ongoing basis. Download contracts and current documents regarding the apartment, view the situation with outgoing payments and transfers, generate statements and view the rental history, check meter readings, check the history of activities performed while servicing the rental, download invoices issued by us. All your apartments are visible from one account.

Why you probably won’t find a better offer?

We do not charge any fees before providing the service. In the standard service, i.e., by definition intended for each customer without additional fees, we offer payment of all operating costs of the apartment during the tenant search period, as well as in the event that the tenant would delay paying for the rent of the apartment. Our company can afford this type of solution because it has a stable financial situation. For even more demanding customers, we have created an offer Payment guarantee plus, as part of this service, we take over the risk of non-payment to the tenant. When the tenant fails to pay, we pay for the tenant.