Advantages of an all-in-one heated foot bath massager

The All In One Foot Spa Bath with warmth, HF vibrations, oxygen air pockets and red light is a foot spa that consolidates the advantages of vibrations, warmth, air pockets and red light in loosening up the feet.

The heated foot bath, which can warm water and keep up steady temperature additionally has rub rollers. It is made of strong plastic that is impervious to maturing and high temperatures.

The foot spa is white in shading with pink accents. With it, you discover every one of the feet loosening up techniques in a single spot.

foot massage


  • It has a warming semiconductor, which guarantees speed warming and keeps up consistent temperature.
  • It delivers high recurrence vibration.
  • Two knead rollers for rubbing the foot issues that remains to be worked out exhaustion.
  • It produces oxygen rises for rubbing the feet.
  • Large enough to oblige substantial feet up to size 14.

Advantages of heated foot spa

  • This foot spa gives a one stop to various feet rubbing techniques. It has oxygen bubbles, vibration, rub rollers and warming, all intended to mitigate the feet from hurts and tiredness.
  • The spa advances the great wellbeing of the feet by improving digestion, advancing blood dissemination, easing weakness and smoothening the meridians or Qi framework.
  • It highlights rollers that assistance in killing weakness when they are moved on the foot bones.
  • It has a PTC warming semiconductor, which warms the water quick and keeps up steady temperature. This guarantees the water is at the correct temperature to give the required alleviation while securing against overheating utilizing the twofold overheating
  • The body of the foot spa is made of solid plastic that opposes high temperature just as maturing. This guarantees the spa keeps going long without capitulating to harm brought about by high temperatures or maturing.
  • It is sufficiently vast to fit even those with substantial feet and it very well may be utilized by individuals with a foot size of up to 14.
  • For the individuals who don’t care for the back rub rollers, they are anything but difficult to evacuate. You can pop them out when you are splashing your feet and return them when you are finished.