For many people, vaping is the ultimate way to reach your “high” – it’s healthier, more relaxing, and cheaper. But what really happens inside these small devices? How is steam produced?


Before starting this discussion we need to look at how vaporizers work. Whether using herbs or concentrates , vaporizers heat their contents to a specific temperature suitable to create vapor for inhalation. Compared to smoking which, being smoke, is obviously rough on the lungs, the vapor is much gentler types of vapes.

The difference between smoke and steam

In addition to having a lower temperature, the vapor carries far fewer unwanted substances into the lungs than smoke from a joint. When you smoke, the weed heats up to around 538 ° C, while vaping heats the marijuana to a much more reasonable temperature range, between 140 and 220 ° C .

Up to this point every reputable vaporizer you’ll find on the market shares the features we’ve listed. The difference comes when we discuss how grass heats up. When it comes to herbal vaporizers , “conduction” and “convection” are the two terms you’ll hear most often. They achieve the same goal, but there are some important differences between them.


Conduction Heating – Storm Vaporizer

In quick, conduction heating settles your weed in immediate contact with the heating component. If this creaks very easy and straightforward to you, cause it is.

  • Pro

You should be able to use these vaporizers right out of the box. You’ve probably also paid little for that box you use to start with, as these vaporizers are usually very basic and minimal. Since they don’t have a lot of fancy features, they’re usually pretty easy to use. Also, conduction heating usually allows for larger clouds .

  • Against

Simplicity, as always, has drawbacks. First of all, when the grass is in direct contact with the heating element there is a risk of combustion. This means having a less clean aroma and more waste. Even when working properly, conduction vaporizers tend to heat the weed unevenly, so you need to stir it in the heating chamber to enjoy it all. Also, conduction heating tends to be less accurate, although this can make things easier for beginners.