This is essential!

A good lighter is necessary at every time anywhere you go. It is very essential when you need the most in the outdoors where you will have to start a fire for cooking or heating some food when you are most hungry. Even though there are many types of lighter available in the ,arket. There are a few new and innovative ones still coming up from time to time. One such is the electric lighter which has become the latest trend not just for some function and purpose but also as a novelty to show to friends and family about the new technology. To learn more on the subject, read the electric lighter review.


How does it work?

The electric lighter is designed with the concept of the plasma or the electric arc that is created between two electrical fields with the help of magnetism. This is called as the electric coil or the plasma or the arc names that refer to the same function. When air is blown between the electric field it is carried further away from the starting point so that it can be used to light up any material such as paper, a piece of rope or even some husk or anything that can be used to light up a fire.

Important features:

The salient features of the product are that it comes in a very sleek case easy to carry anywhere, very light in its weight; it can easily slip into a pant pocket or a small purse. It comes inthe best of colours like a dusky black casing. It is designed to open up in the top where the electric fields are set up between two points. When the button is pressed the two pointscreate the arc in a crisscross fashion. This si very fast an easy to light up. The arc is quite powerful that you can actually see the difference compared with a gas lighter or a match stick.

Quite handy:

The electric lighter review will show that the electric lighter is powered by a battery which is rechargeable and a USB port is available for the recharging facility. This can be charged anywhere even from a device such as a laptop. The lighter safe to carry when compared to a gas based lighter or match sticks which might get soggy and the gas lighter might ignite.