4 golden rules of total ownership in DotA

The below are the basic rules that you need to know before a total ownership of dota 2 battle cup:

  1. Missing heroes. Always check the minimap for missing heroes and inform the team. With the exception of enemy heroes who have just been killed, an enemy hero that is missing from your line can be a threat to one of your allies. A few missing heroes mean possible ganks in an alley that pushes the deepest into enemy territories. Whichever lane you are in, you are responsible for reporting missing heroes. You can help your team by periodically reviewing the minimap of missing heroes and identifying possible ganks. Always make sure there are no warnings on the minimap that warn your friends friends.
  1. Know your enemies. In the selection mode, let the opponents first choose their heroes. According to Sun Tzu’s war guide, know your enemy to gain an advantage that leads to victorious battles. Be careful of the potential hero on the opposing team and choose a hero to face him.buy dota 2 battle cup wins
  1. Tilt tactics. Change lanes or ask for help if you cannot keep the lane. Do not wait until the second tower goes down before asking for help. Always search the inventory of enemy heroes and check what items they are following. Especially an enemy hero in your line, check his objects and create objects to “confront him”. If you notice that at the beginning of the game there is an enemy hero who jumps over high-level objects, inform your team about this and make sure he does not receive it until the end of the game.
  1. Always play as a team. In buy dota 2 battle cup wins, you don’t play alone. Not only must you collaborate with your team, you must also coordinate attacks and ambushes to cushion the enemy team. If you are not a carrier hero in your team, you can always leave your lane and follow your team to gather a potential carrier hero (who may be unbalanced in a late game) in the opposing team, for example, a faceless void, a ghost killer, moon, troll, etc. Kill him until he can reach his levels and objects. Let the transport hero of your team stay in your lane to go to the farm. As they say, a team of champions will never win a team of champions. Teamwork wins everything.