Popcorn as a Wonder Snack – Make a Healthy Choice Now

Popcorn, with lots of dietary fiber and low calorie content, makes this simple to understand why a lot of people think of a giant bucket when at the theater qualifies as the healthy treat. However, just be a little careful before you begin scooping handfuls in your mouth as opening credits roll; and not all popcorns are made same.

Lightly seasoned and air-popped popcorn is healthy snack. The reason is it is whole grain, and the high-fiber grains are linked to the lower heart disease, diabetes, cancers and various health issues. The dietary guidelines also say half of grains consumed must be whole grains, so salted popcorn snacks have more fiber every serving than the whole-wheat bread.

What’s Popcorn?

Popcorn is one special kind of corn, which “pops” when it gets exposed to heat. In the center of every kernel is very little amount of water that expands when it is heated and causes kernel to explode.

Healthy Whole Grain Choice

Popcorn is a whole grain product, it means it has minerals and nutrients like magnesium, fiber, iron and vitamins B. Whereas it holds much fiber as the grains like whole wheat bread or oats, still it is the best source of the whole grains.

Getting lots of whole grains in your diet is important, making popcorn the best snack choice for reaching your goal. Additionally, set of minerals and nutrients in popcorn will significantly decrease risk of diabetes and heart disease and also lead to the healthier nervous systems.

Final Words

Many studies have shown that polyphenols will reduce cancer risk, which includes breast and prostate cancer. Thus, this is the reason that popcorn is considered as the healthy and safest snack choice by many people today across the world. Make sure you choose the right brand now.