Is a Pill Enough? Bodybuilding With Ostarine

We like things that are beautiful. And we seek beauty in all parts of life. Perhaps that is why bodybuilding has become, irrespective of age, a passion, a hobby, and a form of art for a number of people.The easiest way to achieve those “body goals” seems to be hidden somewhere underneath the shell of a pill. Maybe a drug. But the world market today witnesses an increase in the number of supplements, drugs, and pills available for the common consumer like never before. Ostarine is one such example.

What and why?

A selective androgen receptive modulator, or SARM, Ostarine is a synthetically produced drug. Makers of this ingredient promote it as a “legal steroid.” And while there may be some truth to this claim, the drug is not yet approved by the FDA for safe human consumption. In fact, the FDA labels the application and use of this chemical as “investigative.” And the various products composed and fortified with it are marketed as “for research purposes”.

But even then, manufacturers and even users of this chemical in its various forms speak of its ability to increase lean body mass and improve athletic performance.

How to play it safe?

Sometimes some things turn out to be too good to be true. In the same case here, there are some very possible life-threatening risks associated with long-term use of this compound. And perhaps even more dangerous is the fact that there is no scientifically available research that proposes what actually happens to the human body with its use in the long run.

Here, one should seek to talk to a practising health practitioner and decide accordingly.