Main Advantages of Bit Coin Encryption and distribution

Bitcoin is extremely secure. It has at its center, and in all of the operation, one of the most powerful cryptographic system that live, more than the one used by banks or crucial services of our day today. Its distributed character makes it resistant to network crashes or attacks: NEVER has any other computer system been in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for more than 8 years.

Even before a bitcoin solar storm, unlike other systems, it would resist. This is because some of its nodes are in bunkers of the Second World War, protected underground and even triple perimeter security.


All dealings are public, as they are able to be seen in real-time beneath pseudonyms in the form of a Bitcoin address. Anyone can reveal the Bitcoin address that manages to show with absolute transparency blockchain    where it goes to the last cent. Imagine governments, municipality, NGOs, fundamentals, associations, companies … anybody can take benefit of this functionality in a minute.


Bitcoin is completely unlocked, free of charge and without charge software. Anyone can see its basis code, study it, audit it or get better it (here you have it, suggest your improvement). Hundreds of citizens get better it on a every day basis: some of the smartest brains on the planet do better on a daily basis under an environment of democratic consensus.

Based on consensus

From the growth of the code to the form of its blockchain, agreement  operate as a basic axis. In its growth, the ideas and improvement of the most chosen codes by the rest are those that finish up being implemented:  Bitcoin change if the bulk accepts this change. The similar applies to the secretarial book it manages, the blockchain: only if the majority of nodes consider a new transaction valid, it is accepted and registered in the account book.