End Citizens United’s Plans of Getting Finance Reform Candidates to Congress

A political action committee, End Citizens United is currently raising funds in support of Democratic candidates who are seeking to be elected to Congress in 2018. In the first three months of 2017, the organization collected approximately $4 million and its projecting to hit $35 million before 2018 midterm elections are held, representing $10 million more than it collected during 2016 elections. Its goal is to eliminate big money spenders from the political scenes. So far, more 100,000 individuals had already donated to End Citizens United during the first quarter of this year, 40,000 of them contributing for the first time, as explained by the president of the organization Tiffany Muller.


According to the executive, each member contributed approximately $12. The donors are concerned that the system is not acting in their favor, and this is the only way they can fight back against those who give big checks. After President Trump won the election, the Democrats are furious with his style of leadership, nominees and agenda. Two months ago, the organization requested donors to help raise $500,000 to fund the campaigns of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat seeking to be elected as a member of Congress in Georgia. According to Muller, End Citizens United is still monitoring the situation to know which races they will actively engage in 2018. The group’s constitution does not allow an individual member to contribute more than $5,000. Despite the limit, the organization was able to make it among the top contributors to Democrats.


About End Citizens United


On March 1st, 2015, End Citizens United was formed with the sole purpose of trying to drive out political donors with ulterior motives of paying for the outcome of an election. The group is funded by grassroots members. The members are committed to ensure reform-oriented leaders are elected as well as keeping off the issue of money in politics. The group was officially launched in August 2015, and it was able to raise $2 million from small donors. According to Richard Carbo, Communication Director at End Citizens United is still focused on supporting pro-reform leaders, especially those will to overturn Supreme Court’s decision that allowed people to spend any amount of money they want, and which cannot be traced.


The executive further said the group would do all it can to support pro-reform candidates even if they are Republican. On the group’s website, you can find the latest news, a list of candidates supporting finance reform, and another page for contribution. The group believes they will be able to achieve their goal during midterm elections in 2018. It is the only way of ensuring committed leaders are elected based on their agenda and not what they have spent on campaign.

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