A new business:

          Even though the concept of crypto currency has not reached the mainstream areas of the population, it is a novelty that only a few people are aware of and use it to transact with it. It requires the use of modern technology and information system unlike the fiat money which can be used even in the remote corners of the world. However, it is getting known and is becoming popular especially with those who want to become entrepreneurs using the bitcoin and they are now trying new ways to earn bitcoin and start paying with it just like a regular currency. Many new entrepreneurs are now trying their hand in business using the bitcoin as a way of transaction. If you need more details just click on the link given above.

No control:

          There are several differences when you compare bitcoin with the regular or the fiat currency. One important difference is that the use of bitcoin for transaction. Bitcoins do nort have any central control system like the banks or any other financial institution. The reason for this is that many countries have not regularized the use of bitcoin and many have not recognized it as a mean of transaction. With only a handful of people willing to use it, the common usage is still far away.

How it is done:

          There are a few ways how the interested individuals are making efforts to earn bitcoin. One among them is through online gaming. Some of the businesses which are gaming based have used it as a payment for those new users as these businesses are fun based and the serious businesses that work in the daily activity or economic growth have not considered the use of the bitcoin.