The crypto currency:

          The cryptocurrency is one types of currency which as the name says is not real currency and it is not used in any conventional transactions through the regular banks or the banking system. This is due to the fact that the to begin with very few people all over the world are part of this community. These members have their own peer groups called as the network to carry out transactions amongst themselves. For further details just type the world 1bitcoin and you will be able to get all the necessary details and information that you are expecting.

Become a member:

It is easy to become a member here and all you need to do is to open the website and fill in all the details in the format provided for creating an account. The membership requires your email and you can create a password and you can login at any time you want to. The contests are so unique and you will never get used to it as every time, it is a very a different game altogether.

Salient features:

          There are many important aspects of the bitcoin network and the value of one bitcoin is equal to a little more than 8748 USD at the latest rate. The bitcoin does come under the regular transactions that take place in a banking system but it is a very private transaction that takes place within the network and among the members of the bitcoin.

The contests:

          There are so many contest that you can join such as the referral contest, the wagering contest just to name a few however, on 1bitcoin, you will be able to win a Lamborghini which the plum that every contestant is eyeing for.