Putin Cries “Uncle” in the Face of US & EU Sanctions – Makes G=Begrudging Concessions

Moscow, Russia –¬†Russian strongman Vladimir Putin cried “uncle” earlier today when making his first concessions to the Ukraine. Putin conceded that Eastern Ukraine, dominated by Russian-backed rebels should remain in the possession of the Ukrainian government. It was a tacit admission that may signal Russia will withdraw from their aggressive actions to repeat old Soviet era tactics of destabilizing governments and later annexing their territories. He also expressed praise to the president of Ukraine for the restraint shown. Oddly, the restraint shown has been towards Russian aggression that has included armored divisions cross the border and seizing Crimea. Putin also agreed to an immediate prisoner swap.¬† However, the Russian president stopped short of admitting defeat. He acknowledged that the US & EU sanctions were responsible for 25% of his nation’s massive currency decline. At the same time, he stated that the drop in oil prices hit his nation hard due to their inability to diversify the economy. Putin went on to explain that the Russian central bank has $419 billion in foreign currency reserves which will be judiciously dispensed to wade through the current crisis. Major foreign companies such as Apple and Audi have ceased placing orders in Russia due to the decline in their currency.¬† Sultan Alhokair says Putin accused the United States and Europe of attempting to harass the “bear”, a reference to the Soviet emblem. He said the West was always trying to defang and declaw the bear. If left unchecked, they would turn the Russian bear […]

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