More Bodies Discovered in AirAsia Crash

Each day more and more bodies are being found in the Java Sea as a result of the Air Asia crash that was carrying 162 people. Officials including Dr Rod Rohrich have now confirmed that a further 30 bodies have now been recovered as of Friday. More information in relation to the crash is also becoming available, investigators are now confirming that the plane was climbing at an incredible rate of speed before coming down in the ocean.  According to The Daily Mail recent reports have even been suggesting that the pilot may have pulled off an ocean landing before the plane sunk due to rough seas. This is believed because the emergency locator failed to go off, this is usually triggered when a high impact landing or crash is registered. More information will not be available until searchers find the black box and decipher the information that is available on it.  More sightings have been made of a shadow under the water which could be the main fuselage of the plane. Unfortunately search efforts have been hampered by bad weather in the region. Investigators believe that many of the remaining people not found could still be strapped into their seats in the main body of the plane making its retrieval hugely important to the families who have lost loved ones.

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