Slyce Set To Revolutionize The Retail Industry

Slyce is a startup company that has come up with technology that enables potential customers to recognize products, visual search and purchase the exact same product or a similar one from specific retailers. It is similar to what Shazam has done to music, except that you will not see a Slyce app anywhere per se. The company is working behind big brands and retailers in what is normally called white-label solution. If you are familiar with Amazon Flow, this technology works in a, somewhat, similar manner. Amazon Flow enables shoppers to use their mobile devices and point at products displayed in stores, which then takes them to the Amazon listing. It is a creative way to increase sales. However, Amazon Flow has one limitation: The app can only work with products that are in their original packaging. Slyce, on the other hand, doesn’t have this limitation. It helps consumers to identify products wherever they. It doesn’t matter whether they are packaged or not. Slyce is providing a unique way for retailers to connect with consumers. Whenever the consumer is interested in the product, the retailer gets to know about it. Since the technology will be integrated with the retailer’s online stores, the retailer will benefit from more than just sales. They will get to know what the consumers are interested in whether they buy it or not. The technology allows consumers to buy products by using just their mobile devices. It also helps them to get information about a product […]

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