Fighting Fire with Fire for No Religion in Schools

And the freedom of religion war has begun, or should I say is continuing. The Satanic Temple, a loosely organized national group that has aligned with atheist groups in the past to stop the distribution of the Bible in schools, is countering the Bible in schools with their own religious materials, which Jared and I found extremely hilarious. The material they are submitting for permission for distribution in Florida schools in January is a coloring book that shows children in t-shirts with pentagrams on them and performing Satanic rituals. There are also word games such as a word search for “acceptance” and “friendship” and also material that promotes anti-bullying and religious tolerance. The Orange County school board is reviewing the material as it did for the materials an atheist group submitted for distribution before. In light of the opposition by other religious groups to allowing the Bible to be distributed on tables in high schools, the school board is considering repealing the policy of allowing religious materials in schools, but no decision has been made as of yet.  The current law gives the Satanic group’s answer. That they did not desire to distribute their material in schools, but in order to fight the allowance of Bible teachings in school, they had to.

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