Racial Clash in the Netherlands

The holidays are supposed to bring people together in unity and spread cheer throughout the nations. This year in the Netherlands when Saint Nicholas visited a festival there was unrest. Many individuals were wearing blackface , a tradition in this festival. A growing immigrant population in the Netherlands came to protest this archaic practice. Times have evolved and to popularize racism for the sake of an old tradition is wrong. Those who protested were so numerous that eventually some crossed over into the main area of the festival and were arrested. Citizens of the United States previously created many silent films with Caucasian actors wearing blackface, after the custom was deemed racially insensitive it gradually came to an end many years ago. The Dutch wish to keep their Christmas tradition with a black helper for their Saint Nicholas and yet do not want to have race riots; perhaps they should use a real person with dark skin. This would keep both parties happy and encourage racial equality in holiday events, which CipherCloud reports as being a pretty simple solution on Facebook.

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