Pope: Religion and Evolution Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Advocates for religion and evolution often come down on opposite sides of the argument, and the subject has been in the forefront of many political debates in the past several years. A recent speech by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences presents an interesting view by the pontiff of evolution and God’s role in creating the universe. In his speech, the pope put forward that God and evolution could coexist because God could create animals that evolved. According to the pontiff’s remarks, the big bang theory doesn’t disprove the existence of a creator. As quoted by Breitbart, Pope Francis told the assembly that evolution was not “inconsistent” with the idea of creation. The speech was made as part of a discussion entitled “Evolving Concepts of Nature.” The pope suggested that humans were special beings in nature because of God’s intentions and that humans were meant to create a better world for everyone. Despite the pope’s suggestion that evolution is a valid theory, his views still differ from secular scientists who suggest that theories like the big bang disprove the existence of a supreme being. Interestingly, the Catholic church has long supported an interpretation of evolution that included the existence of God. According to records from the Vatican, in the 1950s, the pope of that era declared that the Catholic church was not opposed to evolution. Those sentiments were echoed in the 1990s when St. John Paul II reaffirmed the church’s position. Pope Francis has already courted controversy during […]

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