Goettl Growth Continues Across Las Vegas

The Las Vegas based air conditioning brand, Goettl, has recently continued its impressive growth since owner Ken Goodrich took control of the brand in 2013. PR Newswire reports the brand has recently taken control of a number of established plumbing and HVAC repair and servicing groups over the course of the last 12 months; among the mergers taking place to bring these companies into the Goettl company was the 2016 merger with Moore Air Conditioning, which has allowed the Goettl brand to move closer to its goal of becoming the market leader in HVAC across Las Vegas and Nevada. The acquisition of Moore is the latest development in a long series of mergers and buyouts that has seen a number of technicians, trucks, and service contracts become a major part of the Goettl Air Conditioning family. Ken Goodrich has also explained his own personal link to the Goettl brand, which he states began as a ten year old child assisting his father in repairing and servicing the units of the brand. As the owner of Goettl, Ken Goodrich has also expressed his own happiness in the respect the brand is still held in across the globe as the developer of the global HVAC industry. Not only has ken Goodrich led Goettl on a development across Las Vegas in terms of business success, but the brand is now once again becoming a major part of the local community. In its blog and social media posts Goettl has been looking for new […]

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