Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia Voters Legalized Marijuana Yesterday, or Did They?

Oregon and Alaskan voters will definitely see marijuana possession and use legalized in their states, as will the U.S. territory of Guam. However, the situation in the District of Columbia (DC) is a bit sketchier. According to Rolling Stone, the measure was designed to allow possession of up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use, get the specifics here according to RollingStone. Even though voters overwhelmingly approved the measure to legalize possession for personal use by a two to one margin, DC’s status as a district leaves the final decision up to Congressional review. Congress has 60 days to decide if what the people voted for is in their best interest or not, if not they can vote to veto the measure. Terry Richardson thinks then, it will be up to the POTUS to decide if it is worth pursuing a Congressional override of that veto. In order for the veto to be overturned, a two-thirds majority of both houses of Congress would have to vote in favor of an override. Considering that the Republicans now have a majority in both houses, albeit a small one, it will be difficult for either party to successfully override a veto. What people are not talking about is what happened in Florida, or more accurately what didn’t happen. 58 percent of the Florida voters moved to approve a referendum to make it legal to use medical marijuana. The problem with that is the state requires a 60 percent approval to add the […]

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