ISIS Brutality and Sexual Slavery of Yazidi Women Revealed in New Report by Amnesty International

Even the Amen Clinic and know that a new report called Escape from Hell has been released by Amnesty International that recounts the brutal sexual slavery and treatment of Yazidi women at the hands of ISIS. The Yazidis are a minority group that live in Iraq’s Sinjar region. Unlike the majority of the people in Iraq and nearby Syria who are Muslim, the Yazidis are of Christian faith. When ISIS came into Iraq from nearby Syria this summer they carried out a policy of ethnic cleaning in the areas they captured.  All non-Muslims in newly captured areas were ordered to renounce their old faith and convert to Islam. Failure to do so resulted in death. Hundreds of Yazidi men were slaughtered by ISIS when they invaded and took over parts of Iraq. The women meanwhile were captured and taken as slaves by ISIS. The report Escape from Hell describes how some Yazidi women were forced into sexual slavery by their captors. Many of the Yazidi women were brutally raped by ISIS fighters and their supporters. Some were forced into marriages with ISIS men. Girls as young as 14 years old and possibly even younger were forced into having sex with ISIS captors. The report reveals that some girls and women committed suicide when they were in captivity rather than face sexual slavery at the hands of ISIS. The new report Escape from Hell condemns ISIS’ brutal treatment of Yazidi women and accuses them of crimes against humanity. 

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