Human Rights Foundation head not afraid to get hands dirty

Thich Quang Do did not expect any visitors. The Vietnamese government had banned his church for twenty-eight years. He spent most of that time under house arrest while the government attempted to prevent him from expanding his influence. One lone Nordic-figure made it into his temple to visit him that night. The Nordic figure, who turned out to be Thor Halversson, showed up covered in black and blue marks. The visitor was beaten and bruised, but he had reached his destination. Even the violence of the Ho Chi Minh City police department could not deter him from this goal. Thor at Facebook . Activists seldom shy away from confrontations with authority figures when pursuing justice, but there is often a distinction between front-line soldiers and the executives who run the foundations. Halverson’s direct activism and his position as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation blurs this distinction. The human rights proponent follows his cause enthusiastically, and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty in the literal or figurative senses. Halversson started his foundation in 2005, and he has first-hand knowledge of the nature of oppressive governments. Representatives of Hugo Chavez’s government tortured his grandfather in Caracas, and someone shot his mother at anti-Chavez demonstrations, according to the Weekly Standard. The human rights activist and Human Rights foundation’s head has appeared on numerous television programs. One of his most memorable appearances occurred on Fox News in 2016. During this interview, he warned Americans to be cautious of despotic […]

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