Emergency Calls Recieved in England on 999

All countries offer an emergency line that connects to fire and police help. In England, that number is 999, and over the past 90 days they have received some absurd calls. The number 101 is available as a non-emergency contact number for use in situations where your car or other property has been stolen or you want to provide information concerning a crime. Sam Tabar reports a few of the inappropriate calls that come across emergency lines. It only takes a moment to determine if the call is appropriate for the emergency line. When it is the busiest times and the call is not appropriate, it blocks someone who truly needs help in a true emergency. The UK police are releasing these examples to express the importance of using this line correctly. They are real.  • A middle-aged woman called in saying there was a hedgehog in her garden. In the UK, hedgehogs are a common species that are found……….in gardens. They clear a gearden of little bugs and slugs. Call 999? No, stay inside if you don’t like them. • A man called in after he had put some money in the vending machine and it would not give him his change back.  • “I’ve been ripped off,” the man said. I need the police. “What has been ripped off,” the operator asked. The man replied saying I ordered pizza 45 minutes ago and it’s still not here!

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