The Multiple Angled Activism of Thor Halvorssen

Not many people can claim the peculiar distinction of being a world renowned political activist as well as a famous Hollywood producer – but Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is just one such person. For those who may not be familiar with the man, Thor Halvorssen is the son of the well known investigative journalist and television mogul Thor Halvorssen Hellum of Venezuelan. After Thor’s father was falsey imprisoned on trumped up charges and his mother shot (though, not fatally) the younger Halvorssen developed a burning desire to help those who lived in closeted and tyrannical countries such as Venezuela. Due his passion he created the now famous Human Rights Foundation which, as the name obviously implies, is a organization dedicated to championing the rights of people the world over, no matter the country and no matter their race, color and creed. The organization’s official public credo is, “To ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted.” However, Mr. Halvorssen does not work exclusively within the world of but also produces films, namely, documentaries. His work in the world of documentary film production began in the 2000s when he executive produced several well received documentaries starting with the humorous and insightful, Hammer & Tickle, a historical movie portraying the way which the commoners of the Soviet Union utilized comedy and wit to subtly critic their political masters without their knowledge. However, Thor really shot to notoriety for his film work a year after Hammer & Tickle for the controversial investigative documentary film, […]

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