George Soros Explains Situation in Ukraine

George Soros, the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and of the Open Society Foundations, has written and spoken extensively about the political situation in Ukraine and the need for debt relief. In fact, given George Soros Ukraine heavy involvement in Ukraine through his charitable foundations and investment activities, he crafted what he calls a “winning strategy” targeted at European leaders in preventing an absolute crisis in Ukraine. At the core of Soros’ strategy for keeping Ukraine from becoming a failed state is a call for the European Union (EU) to do more than simply levy sanctions against Russia and offer a modest contribution to the economic bailout of Ukraine through the International Monetary Fund. Rather, Soros thinks that the EU should seize upon this opportunity to bolster its defenses against Putin’s Russia and offer more generous financial assistance to Ukraine so that the country can become completely stable. In support of his strategy for aiding Ukraine, Soros points to the example of Greece and warns that the EU should react differently than how it failed to adequately assist Greece in its financial predicament. George Soros Ukraine contends that the EU has a rare opportunity to transform the European political landscape by making sure that the new Ukraine is able to defend itself against Russia and flourish as a sovereign state. In essence, if the EU can help maintain stability and long term economic growth in Ukraine, then it will have a significant barrier against overreaching by Russia. In addition, through […]

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