Chinese Designer’s Impressive Pollution Awareness Campaign

Qiaoden Ying Peng, a well-known fashion designer in China, has remarkably integrated protective masks to its models marching down at the runway on the recent Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week in Beijing. The runway was flooded with elegant spring dresses and mouth-and-nose covers. Particularly popular were the dresses with discreet places to both put the mask on and put the mask away when it is not in use. Each mask has matched the elegance of clothes displayed. Masks were ingeniously shaped and designed. The covers were artistically carried by each model on the runway. The show has depicted not only the beautiful spring and summer fashion apparels creatively done by Ying Peng, but also exhibited the country’s air pollution problem for many years. Observers like Igor Cornelsen found the display thought-provoking. China’s air condition has been reported as exceeding the WHO or World Health Organizations smog safe level. Thus, different campaigns have been done in China to convey the message that their air is unsafe already, so as the The People’s Daily official newspaper of China has announced. During the 34th month celebration of Beijing International Marathon, the runners wore masks. This has been a precaution since the air is not safe for open-area activities. The show has extraordinarily brought inspiration to the people of China. The message was clear: It made them understand the real situation of their country, and the future reality if they won’t react early.

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