Who is Benifittng from Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is an app that is taking class rooms globally by storm. Though Liam Don and Sam Chaunhary launched this phenomenon in 2011, parents such as myself are just now experiencing this innovation. Many people will continue to benefit from Class Dojo. Not only through the app but through social media sources like Facebook and Twitter. Over two-thirds of teachers in America are taking advantage of this app. It is providing educators from kindergarten to the eight grade with the convenience to communicate with parents and faculty between conferences. Any reminders for meetings and special events can come through this app rather than depending on a letter to make it home successfully or your child even remembering to pass along the memo. Teachers are continuing to make education fun and inconstant for kids. Dojo is a parents window into their child’s education. They can tune in and chime in with features such as “Stories” and “Messages”. Parents are able to like posts and comment right away from where ever they are. Along side an academic stand point, it is so heartwarming to see fun pictures of your little one’s development and interaction with the class here and there. We tend to ignore the hundreds of alerts coming through our phones daily. I love that Dojo provides notifications through the app to your email as well. Not to mention how easy and user friendly this app is to use for all guardians. Even the grandparents and any other permitted persons […]

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