Andrew Rolfe: The New York Corporate Executive Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of the marvelous and astounding Andrew Rolfe from New York? Well he is an awesome Managing Director for Tower Brook. This investment company aims to catapult capabilities and independent business growth in the businesses they invest in. Tower Brook invest both through their organized Opportunities Fund and also Private Equity Funds, which allows them to reach a range of different various opportunities throughout each investment cycle. Not just that, but Rolfe is also the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund which is a non-profit social welfare, food, health, community outreach and education organization that is situated in the city of Zwide in wonderful South Africa. In order to become this successful, education is needed which greatly impacted Rolfe’s life and thoughts. He started his path at St. Andrews College from 1982-1985 where he was somewhat of a shy student. Even though he was shy, he always tried his best to participate in class. The more he went to class and participated in group discussions, the more he was able to broaden his horizons and improve his skills and personalities. He decided to go to a more prestigious education institution and indubitably chose to go to University of Oxford for his Bachelor’s of Arts from 1985-1988. He always asked questions when he was confused or did not simply understand the class topic. He always made sure he studied for his midterms and finals in order to receive the highest grade possible. He did not stop there, he […]

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