Whitney Wolfe’s Dating App Gives Women an Advantage

These days, apps for almost everything have been developed. This includes dating, whereby there are varieties of mobile based applications. With the availability of these apps, dating has been made easy and efficient. Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble app with the aim of giving women an advantage of initiating the talk first. Benefits of Using Dating Apps Niche based apps- some of the apps available in the market are niche based. For instance, if you like guys with beards, there is an app that is specifically for that. Time saver- with dating app available on smartphones and tablets, they offer a lot of flexibility to people with tight schedules. Other individuals who benefit a lot from these apps are the introverts and those who work from home. These people have no time to move out and mingle with others making dating a bit challenging. Full control of what you want- if you consider an app like Bumble, by Whitney Wolfe, women have been given authority to pick the guy they want. There are other apps where men are given priority. With such apps, one has full control to be with a person who meets their standards. Easy to vet people before meeting- you can use the information one provides on their profile to know their likes and shared photos. Doing this saves you time and helps cut the chase. By using of dating apps, many people have found love and long lasting relationships. The apps have also provided an excellent platform […]

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