Clay Siegall Aims To Help People With Cancer Through Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall has always had to ambition to help people. All through his life, he has worked hard to better the lives of those who are suffering from diseases which are incurable. He is known for his work in the field of cancer research, whereby he has led a large number of research projects to find a cure to this disease that claims millions of people all over the world, every year. Clay Siegall is currently the CEO of Seattle Genetics – a company that believes in investing into research for the development of treatment for cancer. The company in particular deals with finding a treatment that works on a genetic level, to modify the cancerous cells not to be harmful to the person anymore. Having a lot of experience in the field of medical research, Clay was able to put those skills forward while leading Seattle Genetics. The company has been working towards helping physicians and doctors better treat their patients by identifying them on a genetic level. The organization also works to help doctors formulate the best course of action for the treatment of their patients. Clay is one person who works tirelessly to keep pushing the company in the right direction so that it may one day ultimately find a cure to this disease. One of the main reasons why Clay Siegall decided to divulge into cancer research was because his father also was diagnosed with this disease. Clay was always interested in medicine and soon realized […]

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