Job Description Of Hospital Cleaning

A hospital cleaning job is a very rewarding profession. With so much to do, your hard work will be appreciated by all those who stay at the hospital. As the hospital cleaning in Portland, OR you have a wide variety of jobs that you will be responsible for like maintaining health care supplies and service, caring for patients and their visitors, inspecting rooms and buildings and operating equipment. You will also be responsible for assisting in times of need with messes that cannot wait until after hours or outside services are available.

What you can expect to do

As the hospital cleaning staff, you will be expected to provide patient and visitor rooms with clean linens, towels and other necessary supplies. You will also assist in keeping the hallways and grounds clean and orderly at all times. The quietness of the hospital is a necessity, so you will leave no messes or items out of place or unattended. You will be expected to perform all duties in compliance with appropriate hospital policies, federal and state laws and regulations, accreditation standards and the Joint Commission’s standards.

What you should know

A hospital cleaning job requires knowledge of safety and infection control procedures, knowledge of common medical lingo, knowledge of floor care techniques including the use of vacuums, buffers and cleaning chemicals, knowledge of the proper handling of hazardous materials and waste disposal procedures.

Services near meThings you will need

A hospital cleaning staff member must be able to drive a motor vehicle, walk without difficulty and participate in the physical demands of the job.

What you can get from work

As the hospital cleaning staff you will receive a good salary and excellent benefits such as medical and dental insurance, paid vacations, sick leave, union dues, life insurance and retirement.

What you cannot get from work

A hospital cleaning staff member cannot get a license to drive a vehicle, sleep in a hotel or camp, smoke or drink on the job or be required to wear a uniform.

What you need to know to be successful in your hospital cleaning career

You will need to keep working hard and meeting your responsibilities or you could get fired.

What you’ll need to get the job

You will need clean clothes, good foot and hand care, a valid driver’s license, a car with a full tank of gas, work boots with waterproof soles and comfortable walking shoes, a whistle or other alerting device, gloves and an ID card that shows proof of residence in the state where you apply. You will also require a medical/physical report from your physician stating that you are physically qualified for the job.