How to pick the best sand filter for the above ground pool?

Before getting into anything else, you need to know about the types of filters available for your pool. There are mainly two types of filters and they include cartridge filters and sand filters. So, now let us have a brief look at these two filters.

Sand filters

These filters can remove dirt from 20 microns and they can be used for about five to ten years before you have to get them replaced. Thus, these filters are considered to be a better and more economical option.

Cartridge filters

These type of filters have the capacity of removing about 15 microns dirt and they are also the latest type of filters which are available out there in the market. But large dirt particles tend to come back into the pool if too much water is forced into the pool through a pump. Also, these filters last for about one to three years before you have to get them replaced.

How to buy the best sand filter for above ground pool online?

Well, if you are looking out for the best sand filter for above ground pool you will have to look at different aspects before you make your purchase. Apart from the type of filter, the other factors that you need to consider will include the durability, quality, efficiency of the filter and all the essential maintenance needs.

Some of the other factors to consider before buying a sand filter for an above ground pool:

  • Easy installation and should work with different types of pools
  • Should be affordable and should last for a longer period
  • Shouldn’t make too much of noise
  • Should come along with all the equipment that is essential for the installation
  • The sand bed should have a large capacity for all your needs
  • You should be able to change the sand bed without any hassle

Also, there is another important thing that you cannot skip while buying a sand filter for above ground pool and that is the system of filtration.

The main job of the sand filter for the above ground pool is to remove the dirt particles which are not dissolved in water. Filtering does play a major role in the cleaning of your pool. So, if you want to keep the surface of the bottom clean and tidy and keep the maintenance low then you must install a reliable filtration system for your pool.