Here are 6 good reasons to ship online

The boom in online purchases, especially on the main marketplaces, in addition to sales between privates also on ad sites, has favored a large increase in shipments india to usa courier entrusted to Express Couriers with an average growth rate that exceeds 20% every year.

Such a significant growth trend has forced all the major Couriers to strengthen the distribution chain both in the parcel sorting operations at the warehouses by introducing greater automation, and in the management of the last mile (home delivery) by strengthening the fleet of dedicated vehicles to parcel deliveries.

Such a transformation requires Couriers to substantially review the relationship with Customers and Consumers which results in more cumbersome Call Centers, long waiting times and difficulties in receiving quick and clear answers.

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It is becoming increasingly difficult for the consumer to communicate with the courier in order to obtain information and, above all, solutions to their needs for shipping packages, envelopes or pallets.

More and more often we talk on Social Media about the most frequent disservices that consumers face when they rely directly on Couriers for parcel and envelope shipping services: these are delays in deliveries, damaged packages, loss, and problems with refunds in case of complaint and call centers that do not provide adequate assistance.

How an online shipping comparator works

A comparator of national shipments and international shipments is a web platform that, through intelligent search and comparison systems, aggregates the shipment data entered by the user in a unique key and analyzes all the updated proposals of each Express Courier present in the online engine.