Betsy DeVos Expresses Opposition To Trump’s Bathroom Bill Recision

President Trump overturned a rule put into place by former President Obama that put in place protections for transgender students using the bathroom of their choice. President Obama’s rule allowed the student to use the bathroom that corresponded to their gender identity.

This decision by President Trump puts him in opposition with his own Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. DeVos opposed a draft of the order but the Trump administration went ahead with it regardless. Betsy Devos issued a statement after the order was released that she and school officials have a responsibility to protect every student. She also said that students need to have their rights protected in their freedom to learn as well as have a safe and trusted school environment. DeVos went on to say that she has directed her departments Office of Civil rights to continue investigating all claims of bullying, discrimination, and harassment towards vulnerable students.

Before the order was signed by Trump, DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a meeting with him. In the meeting, DeVos told Trump that they had both publicly promised to protect all students and the order was not in keeping with that. It’s been reported that DeVos will continue to talk about the issue of protecting children is one of her paramount duties as the Secretary of Education.

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Betsy DeVos has a long history of interest in education. Along with her husband, Dick, they formed the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation decades ago through which the provide money to nonprofits. One of the main fields that they donate to is educational. One of the first schools they supported was Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos recollects the first time she visited and talking to low-income parents who were doing all they could for their children to educate them in a safe and loving environment. She and Dick kept going back to the school to talk to the parents, teachers, and administrators. They started helping individual students financially and have continued to do so for the last 30 years.

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In addition to providing financial support to educational nonprofits, Betsy DeVos has also chaired nonprofits that are involved in the field. Some of these include her sitting the Advisory Boards of the American Federation of Children, The Philanthropy Roundtable, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the University of Maryland, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

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