Avaaz Is a Voice of Reason for Change and Betterment

Specialization, the act of pursuing a specific set of attributes, has been a mainstay of the American mindset for the past two decades. Whether for a career goal or an interest, specialization has reigned supreme in our culture. The variety of doctoral thesis has been written on the most obscure and specific of themes.
In the ordinary world just look at popular restaurants. Many of the most popular restaurants have specific themes; while diners that most popular of non-specific food choices have been abandoned in favor of a broad range of ethnic restaurants.
If you want to donate to save a specific but obscure variety of endangered species, there is a charity that is designed for specifically that purpose. But now there is an alternative and wide-ranging charity. Avaaz was started in 2007 in the United States of America. Avaaz is a broad-based and non-specific organization that takes on a list of contemporary issues from climate change to poverty. The name, Avaaz, is from the Persian word that means voice or song. The charity supports a broad range of topical problems that includes both human rights and animal rights but Avaaz does not stop there. It also examines and fights against corruption, poverty, and conflict.
To donate or to join Avaaz or just to examine their website go to: Your text to link…
We live in a difficult time and everyone must help to support organizations that fight for a better world. Avaaz is just such an organization with its broad parameters and goals for a better world. Its broad-ranging aim makes sense in this world where so much change is necessary to help to repair the deep wounds that have been inflicted by profit, greed, and a struggle for power.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

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