Dick DeVos Inspiring Lives Through Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos who co-founded Amway, a multi-level marketing model to sell a variety of products. Dick and his wife who have been married for 30 years are known for their philanthropic history and financial success. Billionaire Rich DeVos is Grand Valley State University’s largest donor at $36M in the past three decades. The University confirms that DeVos’ contributions are the largest donation to GVSU. The Grand Rapids-area public university donation from the De Vos’s has been disclosed for the first time because they want to encourage generosity in others. Forbes says the DeVos family gave $94 million last year and their family’s total lifetime giving is ranked at a staggering $1.2 billion donated to various institutions and causes. The Dick and Betsy started a foundation, Dick and Betsy Foundation, and since its launch in 1989, have donated a large portion of its funds to schools. Religious charities are also among their favorite foundations kind of grantee. The foundation has long been a strong funder of conservative policy groups, such as Freedomworks, AEI, and the Heritage Foundation. The DeVos family prefer to keep a low profile. They give very few interviews and even any releases of their funds go very light on social media and online activity in general. The family has played a major role in policymaking at the state and national levels. The DeVos family have funded millions of dollars behind the causes and politicians they support and are firmly committed to the […]

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